December 3, 2020
Idol Raffy Pinayuhang Magpahinga Muna

Idol Raffy Pinayuhang Magpahinga Muna

Pinayuhan si Raffy Tulfo ng kanyang cardiologist na magpahinga muna mula sa public service or rumetiro na lang.

“Ill be lying to everyone if I say I don’t get affected by my work” ani ni Raffy. Dagdag pa nito “In fact, Ive been seeing a lot of doctors lately. Most of them are telling me that my work contributes toe the stress Im feeling. I agree with them.”

Ngunit naniniawala si Raffy na namamanage niya naman daw ang kanyang health at stress ng mabuti. “Its because I love my job. If you love it and are passionate about it, you will feel good no matter how complicated of difficult the challenges you face every day are. I believe this lowers the stress level to.”

Kilala si Raffy Tulfo sa pagiging host ng “Philippines’ Most Wanted ” noong 1995 hanggang 2002. Dito siya panangalanang “Idol” ng kanayang co-host na si Nina Taduran. Ngayon ay kilala si Idol Raffy sa pagiging host ng “Idol in Action”.

Ani pa ng host “I came from a middle-class family. I had nine other siblings. I would always borrow clothes from my brothers because I don’t have that much money. My relativs; aunts, uncles, cousins, would oftentimes give me money, too. I told myself, when I grow up and have finally become financially independent I would repay all of them by also giving to those who are in need,”